Symetri becomes stronger with the acquisition of MCAD

Symetri have acquired MCAD Sverige AB (MCAD) with a turnover of approximately SEK 31 million.

Symetri becomes stronger with the acquisition of MCAD

Since its foundation in 2003, MCAD has founded its offer in a broad understanding of manufacturing companies' design and manufacturing processes. The offer includes both services and products. Today, most of South Sweden's most well-known and successful manufacturing and process industries are found in the company's customer base. MCAD has 22 employees, is based in Lund and has a net sales of approximately SEK 31 million.

"MCAD is a highly successful company with highly skilled employees and a clear focus on creating long-term customer relations. Together we increase our ability to deliver solutions and multidisciplinary projects that really make a difference for the Swedish manufacturing industry. It is with great pleasure that I welcome them to Symetri and I'm really looking forward to growing together by providing smart solutions that sharpen the competitiveness of Swedish industry in a global market," says Jens Kollserud, CEO of Symetri.

"We are very pleased to be part of Symetri. This enables us to provide even more skills and technology solutions to our customers and continue our growth trip together," says Anders Larsson, CEO and one of MCAD's founder.

MCAD will be part of Symetri’s Manufacturing business area.


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