Symetri has joined Autodesk's Sustainability Tech Partner Program to further drive Environmental Innovation

As a continuation of Symetri's mission to find new ways for our customers to work smarter and more sustainably, we have joined forces with Autodesk as part of the company's Sustainability Tech Partner program. 

Symetri's participation in the Autodesk Sustainability Tech Partner program strengthens our approach towards sustainable technology solutions. Together with Autodesk, we will collaborate to investigate, test, demonstrate, and discuss the pressing needs and the most effective ways to find sustainable solutions. This initiative aims to harness the power of cutting-edge technology to address the planet's most pressing ecological challenges.

At Symetri, we see this partnership as a unique opportunity to make a positive impact. It means collaborating closely with our customers and working together to create a more sustainable world. This journey isn't just ours; it's yours as well. Together, as an Autodesk Sustainability Tech Partner, we will tread lightly, innovate responsibly, and build a future that we can all take pride in.

Shivani Soni, Head of Impact and Innovation, Symetri Co-Innovation practice

More information about Autodesk Sustainability Partner program you can read here.

To find out more about how Symetri is supporting organisations globally with local support on the path to a net-zero, carbon-neutral future, you can read more here


Autodesk University 2023

Symetri and Team D3 are proud and excited to take part in this year's Autodesk University as a Platinum Sponsor. We will be hosting a number of sessions, varying from technical demonstrations to industry discussions and panels. You can also visit us at Booth #222 to meet our team and discuss in more detail.

We will have strong focus on Sustainability through multiple Industry Talks, Panel and Roundtable discussions which you can read more below with a link to register.


Symetri's Sustainability Sessions at AU2023

Decarbonization and Digital Transformation Will Drive AEC Sustainable Growth

Monday, Nov 13 | 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM 

  • Ron Locklin, Global Lead, Sustainability Platform, Autodesk
  • Shivani Soni, Head of Impact and Innovation, Global, Symetri
  • Jan Tore Bugge, Global Product Manager Naviate, Symetri

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In this industry talk, we explore the intersection of digital evolution and the imperative of decarbonization in the AEC sector. Join Shivani Soni, Global Head of Impact & Innovation at Symetri; Jan Tore Bugge, Global Naviate Product Manager at Symetri; and Ron Locklin, Global Lead of Sustainability Platform at Autodesk. Symetri, a global Autodesk partner, plays a pivotal role in advancing sustainable growth in AEC, with a strong footprint in America and Europe, prompting an exploration journey. Throughout this talk, we offer a comprehensive perspective on our sustainability approach, where innovation and action converge. Uncover the transformative potential of collaboration and gain insights into the strategic integration of cutting-edge technology via our ecosystem. Our mission is to illustrate how these elements collectively reshape our industry. This discussion delves into how innovation, proactive measures, and collaboration steer our industry towards lasting change. Join us on this transformative journey.


Energize Change: How to Promote Sustainability in Manufacturing

Wednesday, Nov 15 | 8:15 AM - 9:45 AM 

  • Tristan Aarons, Senior Applications Engineer, Symetri
  • Luc Wing, Innovation and Performance Specialist - Symetri

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Sustainable manufacturing is rapidly becoming imperative for the success of our business and products. Despite supply-line shortages, increased material and energy costs, environmental impact, and consumer expectations, we see a resistance to change and innovation around sustainability within the larger manufacturing industry. This roundtable will discuss technologies and processes that leading manufacturers and innovators are using for sustainable design and manufacturing, and how to promote and incentivize them within a company and on a global scale. We will share the outcomes of this discussion with you to help you overcome these barriers upon returning to your organization.


Democratize Sustainability: Connected Data for Infrastructure Excellence

Wednesday, Nov 15 | 8:15 AM - 9:45 AM

  • Eve Lin, EAM Strategy Consultant, Symetri
  • Elias Galvan, Solutions Specialist-Infrastructure, Symetri

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Autodesk strives to enhance its comprehensive products, empowering professionals from various fields with vast toolsets to facilitate the transition toward a sustainable future. Despite significant advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), keeping pace with innovation remains a challenge, especially when addressing sustainability complexities throughout design, construction, and operations. Hence, we present a framework using Autodesk Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection and Innovyze products to help engineers and sustainability professionals identify sustainable solutions for civil infrastructure. Our solution democratizes sustainable design, construction, and operations through a live, collaborative common data environment, linking Envision Sustainability Guidelines and Principles with industry best practices and workflows. It aims to document practices, providing guidance across multiple dimensions of sustainability throughout the entire civil infrastructure project lifecycle.


Sustainability is critical globally for customers

Wednesday, Nov 15 | 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

  • Ron Locklin, Global Lead, Sustainability Platform, Autodesk
  • Shivani Soni, Head of Impact and Innovation, Global, Symetri
  • Clarke Morrison, Senior AEC Solutions Consultant, Symetri
  • James Bell, Associate Architect, Ridge & Partners and Symetri Europe Customer
  • Ryland Auburn, Digital Design Director, OTJ and Symetri US Customer 

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What are the challenges and the realities of design for sustainability in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry? Is the core question measuring and reducing carbon footprint, or is there more? What can be done right now, and what is a stretch today? Are partners and customers driving change, or are government regulations driving change? Ron Locklin of Autodesk will moderate this panel, which will include Symetri, one of Autodesk's largest global partners, as well as several customers that are leaders in this space.


Mission Possible: Making Sustainability Approachable and Achievable

Monday, Nov 13 | 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

  • Geoffrey A. Tears, Senior Solutions Specialist - Symetri
  • Luc Wing, Innovation and Performance Specialist - Symetri
  • Eve Lin, EAM Strategy Consultant - Symetri
  • Clarke Morrison, Customer Success Manager - Symetri 

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As the demand for sustainability initiatives grows within the AECO industry, there is increasing pressure from clients, leadership, and regulatory requirements to reduce embodied carbon and environmental impacts. Many firms are unclear where to start, what to focus on, or how to deliver on their sustainability goals and initiatives. Working smarter and making sustainability approachable and achievable is not an impossible mission. Firms can strategically align their operations to meet current and future demands, navigate challenges, and efficiently approach sustainability. Led by experts in design and carbon analysis, this session offers a comprehensive and actionable roadmap for organizations seeking to deliver on their goals. Through a blend of real-world case studies and practical strategies, attendees will gain a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with integrating sustainability into their firm’s digital practice.


In addition Symetri has also other panel discussions and Technical sessions during AU, check out all of them here.


Symetri's Technology Solutions at AU2023 

Symetri's partnership with One Click LCA enables even more professionals to measure and reduce the environmental impacts of buildings, achieve green building certifications and comply with regulations with the powerful tool, OneClick LCA.

Take control, reduce costs, compliance risks and time spent maintaining business-critical engineering tools with licence management and software deployment solutions from Symetri. Learn more about CQ FlexMon and CQi.

Sovelia is a digital platform supporting design, engineering and product lifecycle processes. Ready to enable your team with the easiest and user-friendly tools to design quicker, reduce costs and enable your products faster time to market? Let's chat! 

Naviate provides best in class workflows and performance to accelerate Building and Infrastructure design and facilitate collaboration in Construction projects by helping all the stakeholders to access the same up-to-date BIM information throughout the lifecycle. Naviate for Revit, Naviate for Civil 3D and Naviate Cloud Manager streamlines project setup, model management and documentation.


The Cloud Transformation experience at Norse Consulting

08 March 2024

Improving data management and implementing digital workflows—through cloud transformation—are very much key focus areas at Norse Consulting. Daniella Barrow, Senior Director of the organisation, outlines the goals and progress, with observations on the operational, collaboration, and compliance benefits of the Golden Thread for Norse within the context of the construction sector

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