Transtech’s rolling stock on track with comprehensive Symetri offerings


Efficient information management is vital during demanding design work. Transtech uses Autodesk Inventor as its design tool and has adopted Sovelia and Autodesk Vault software for information management.

Efficient information management is vital during demanding design work. Transtech uses Autodesk Inventor as its design tool and has adopted Sovelia and Autodesk Vault software for information management. Transtech is a leading European manufacturer of rolling stock, specialising in the production of double-decker passenger coaches and low-floor trams.

“The production of aluminium bodies for coaches is one of Transtech’s top areas of expertise. Aluminium welding is much more demanding than steel welding as, for example, both ends of the coaches have to have impact-absorbing zones. The coaches are simulated for impact and tested in a wind tunnel. They also require official approval.”

Mr Kai Hermonen, Manager, Information Systems, Transtech Ltd.


Smooth implementation
Mr Hermonen has been responsible for the implementation of the new system on the Transtech side. The implementation, on a tight schedule, has gone smoothly compared with many other projects on the same scale, thanks to Symetri’s expertise from its long experience of similar projects.


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