More efficient product development at Movomech


Applying Lean Engineering methodology in practice minimised sources of error and increased product quality that save time and money.

When Movomech, one of the world's leading crane technology and material handling companies, decided to coordinate the group's CAD support and licenses they wanted to partner with just one supplier. In addition they wanted to streamline its engineering department's way of working.

“We have lacked a partner to discuss different solutions and that can both challenge and coach our design department to become more efficient. With Symetri we have got that. We also feel that SOVELIA Vault (former Naviate MFG for Vault)  is a more flexible and user-friendly solution than the one we had before, with more and better features. We lacked the ability to quickly make minor changes to the product ourselves without contacting the supplier, but we get that with Naviate”

Göran Nilsson, project designer, Movomech

Improved working methods save time

Lean Engineering, something Symetri works with daily together with our customers, is all about constantly improving working methods and digital processes to increase quality and savings that can be crucial to the company’s competitiveness. Movomech’s solution is an excellent example of how to apply Lean Engineering in practice to minimise sources of error and increase quality in order to save time and money.


  • Wanted to streamline the design department to work smarter and save time
  • Need for partners that can challenge and coach
  • Group decision to coordinate CAD support and licenses from a single supplier


  • Coordination and fine-tuning of the Vault maximize performance and improve the use
  • The introduction of Naviate for all designers who work with Inventor and Vault


  • Good overview and cost control with all CAD support and licenses collected
  • Unified approach and efficient construction work
  • Released drawings are automatically saved in neutral formats. Saves time and cuts out time-consuming manual work

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