Digital Fire Safety is already reality, now time for next steps – Symetri and Bimfire Software in collaboration

STOCKHOLM, 15 June 2020 - In December last year Symetri and Briab took their first step in the joint effort towards improved fire safety design technology. Now the next phase of their journey to digitalise fire safety begins as the parties enters an official partnership agreement.

Fire safety measures are still often managed manually with analogue workflows, in contrast to other more digitalized disciplines within the industry. The lack of digital tools does not only mean unnecessary construction costs, it also means a non-existent data structure for facility management. By adapting to digital methods time and money would be saved during construction, while the end product would have higher traceability. This, in turn, would prolong a building´s safety management as well as the lifetime sustainability. The partnership agreement is built up by three different blocks. They all aim to support an improved fire safety design technology and make sure the fire protection engineers get access to the BIM process with tools adapted to their needs.

“Fire safety is an important piece that has been missing in the BIM family, now we are taking the next steps for a shared information process, this is also needed to bring BIM to the next level” says Per Carlsson, Director Building & Infrastructure, at Symetri.
“We are really looking forward to our in-depth cooperation. Together with Symetri, we will be able to reach farther as well as offer increased accessibility and support to our common future clients” says John Norén, New Technologies Business Manager, Briab.

As of 18th May, Symetri became a global reseller of Bimfire Tools with exclusivity in the Nordics (except Denmark) and UK. Bimfire Tools will be a part of Symetris range of product and services.

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Per Carlsson
Director Building & Infrastructure, Symetri
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Johan Norén
Business Manager New Technologies, Briab
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