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Teaching and learning - Timo Raunio

Timo is a trainer and consultant in our Vantaa office, who has worked at Symetri for two years.

Teaching and learning - Timo Raunio

Timo Raunio applied to work at Symetri after finishing a large-scale BIM project at his previous job. One of the reasons Timo applied to Symetri was to help move the digitalisation in Finland forward.

“I felt like it could make an impact from my side to teach people how to start using the software properly,” he explains.

With many years of experience from the Finnish AEC sector, Timo has seen first-hand that there is a need for growth.

“The architecture industry in Finland is a mixed bag. Architects are still heavily relying on AutoCAD, even AutoCAD LT. So jumping from LT products to full Revit or BIM modelling software is costly and they can’t see the benefits of, from their drawing board.”

But there are of course many benefits, not in the least keeping up with the rest of the world.

”If our companies would like to work with projects outside of Finland for example, they need to modernise. This is shifting, but it is really slow. Like BIM360, there has slowly but surely been more interest and more demand for it.”

What is needed to increase the speed, according to Timo, is for big players to step up.

“There is not enough demand. When the demand rise's and the big players start to ask for BIM models then the BIM maturity will go up”.

The tools to be efficient

As a trainer, Timo usually works in a classroom. Teaching methods have had to adapt since the pandemic forced classrooms to close but online teaching has worked well according to Timo.

“In the end switching to online training was easy. Teaching still works really well, but you lose out on social interactions and I still miss seeing people face to face”, he explains.

Despite missing the classroom Timo would still keep the online courses as an option when the pandemic is over.

“For the customer it can be a much easier way to attend a course. And, they can just roll out of bed and be there. That’s the thing I love, I can wake up five to eight and just be ready,” he says with a laugh.

Another thing Timo enjoys about teaching is the impact it has on the customers.

“There are a lot of different individuals, with different backgrounds and different knowledge level so that is always fun! And at the end of the day, without sounding cheesy, it’s all about giving them the tools they need to increase their efficiency. I really enjoy that”.

In the two years since Timo started at Symetri he has learned a lot and managed to build a bond of trust with his colleagues in the Finnish AEC team.

“I feel that by now the team trust me and know the value I will bring to customers,” he explains. “And another positive is that I’m learning how to listen to the customer more and more, that’s been a pleasant journey.”

The combination of a small team, but a large company suits Timo well.

“That is something I really, enjoy at Symetri - even though our team is small the company is huge! If you have questions there is always someone who has that knowledge, and everybody is super supportive,” he explains.


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