How to create a clear and appropriate Digitalisation Strategy through out the whole value chain?

How to create a clear and appropriate Digitalisation Strategy through out the whole value chain?

Digitalisation requires a clear strategy and should include company's whole Value Chain

To be competitive today, companies cannot focus only on themselves. The whole value chain should be optimised. For the manufacturing industry, which usually incorporates manufacturers, operators, consumers and maintainers, they all need to be part of the digital value chain. They all have their own specific interest and business needs. They all need to benefit from the change.

Manufacturers are used to provide innovative products to the market with promises of performance. They are interested to capture “As Designed” and “As Built” history. Operators and consumers are buying the performance and services in context with the product or community. They are interested in “As Operated/consumed” history and any improvements of the performance and efficiency. Maintainers are ensuring the performance and continuity of the product lifecycle and interested in the “As Maintained” history. Looking at the digital trends, these are the three main sources of innovation.

Focus on the right things, ask yourself these key questions:

  • What are your customers missing today?
  • Where is the potential for cost savings and improvements?
  • Can this be interpreted from the data?
  • Is our product mature enough to become connected?
  • Do we have the necessary hardware in place?
  • Do we have a trusted partner with the right technology to work with?



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