Whitepaper: How Data Management Solves Business Issues

Data Management can mean different things to different people and businesses. For the purposes of this document we are defining Data Management as a strategy for managing your product related data and information, with an overriding engineering processes, all in one single location. This generally breaks down into three important topics: Data, People and Process.

Data is all about managing the files and metadata that make up the source code for your product. People is about the challenges your engineering and non-engineering staff have while developing the product. Process is about the challenges with maintaining standard procedures throughout development.

Design data management challenges cost businesses time and money, alongside limiting the amount of time engineers and designers can focus on innovation. The most common challenge is wasted time and effort. In fact, companies waste an average of 20% of their technical resource’s on non-productive Data Management tasks. Which equates to one workday a week of non-value-added time, with some companies reporting even higher levels.

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